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Welcome to the dance session of your life! We are ready to help youwith your casual or traditional first dance as a husband and wife ... let's make your first dance a memorable moment!





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Wedding dance

Felliews Dansestudio offers a FREE trial lesson, - and together we will prepare your wedding dance for the upcoming event and great adventure of your life!!

A professional instructor helps you to create your wedding dance choreography.

Your first dance will be performed with the melodies of the musical piece you have chosen and identifies your love as a couple.

A wedding choreography allows you to  dance confidently and naturally around the floor without sacrificing the romance and beauty of the moment.

It is up to you to choose the level of difficulty which can be as comfortable or complex as you want.

The secret of the choreography is based in the way we relate your wedding dance to your personality and identity as a couple. A wedding dance is more than steps. It is dance with feelings and emotion ... It means to dance from the heart!!!

The instructor will gather information about the style of your dress and suit  to know what is  possible to do or not during your first dance

The size and style of the Bucket of flowers will be strongly consider to find how positively use it on the making of  your  wedding dance  choreography.

The Kind and type of personal ornaments could give your dance instructor  an idea of how to exploit the potential angles during your wedding dance to get the perfect picture or memorable video.

Your instructor will always make sure your first dance is fun, elegant and distinctive. The beginning dance for live.




Welcome to your unforgettable dance experience!!!










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