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Welcome to the dance session of your life! We are ready to help youwith your casual or traditional first dance as a husband and wife ... let's make your first dance a memorable moment!




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Recognised teaching method

Private Lessons. Our dance studio focus on teaching private dance instruction exclusively to adults and senior citizens, but we welcome a few exceptional teens. The benefits that you find in private lessons include:

Group Classes. They complement greatly our Private Lessons. We focus on physical stamina, on body conditioning and muscle memory: dance aerobics, advanced dance technique training and theory-practice party sessions.  The benefits that you find in group classes include:


Training environment


  • Permanent Location. Students do not need to move from one location to another to enjoy dance lessons, because we teach all year round in the same location. The studio facility counts with mirrors, floating floors (to absorb the shock), sound equipment, speakers, piano and the most complete music library in ballroom dancing.
  • Positive Environment. Newcomers feel welcomed by the Felliews Dansestudio's former students, because they know how difficult is to start learning to dance.
  • Dance is for all. Dance enthusiasts of all ages with experience or without are members of our studio. One is never too old to learn to dance and we proudly welcome senior citizens to all our diverse classes!
  • Adult environment. We specialize in adults from ages 30 to 90 y.o., nonetheless, we have welcomed few teenagers who have true passion for dancing!
  • Couples' quality time. They find in dancing something they love to share with each other. Dancing can revive once again the fire that brought them together the first time. Nobody can miss it! The way you look at each other or smile or just sing along with the music.
  • Variety. We teach more than 25 dances:  tango, waltz, quickstep, foxtrot, salsa, cha cha, rumba, milonga, argentine tango, swing, samba, paso doble, argentine waltz, viennese waltz, merengue, and so on.
  • Prestige. Our students learn dancing from the techniques of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (UK), The National Dance Council Association (USA) and the Exclusive Argentinean Latin Dancer International.
  • Pedagogic. As a professional ballroom dance studio we must find and understand the learning process that each student has in order to achieve a productive student-teacher relationship. We are dedicated and assume a great deal of love and pride in teaching others how to dance.
  • Memory. All our students start learning choreographed dance figures for the basic understanding of movement with the goal to unleash, later on, the creative spirit that inspires improvisation.
  • Physical Benefits. A person trains slim elongate muscles, coordination, balance, poise, and rhythm while dancing.
  • Continuity. We offer progressive dance training programs which means our students incorporate new  dance skills to their repertoire in every level.  Compare that with any educational level and you will have: student, bachelor, master and Ph. D . 
  • Process. Dancing is an unending process to be discovered and rediscovered over and over in our lifetime.
  • Flexibility. We are available for teaching 7 days a week from 10.00 a.m. to 23.00 p.m.
  • Success. It starts with believing in oneself through hard work, serious commitment, positive attitude, sense of humor and love for dancing.
  • Privacy. Mostly we have one person or couple during our Private Lessons in the whole ballroom studio. NO PICTURES or VIDEO is allowed in class without exception and nobody is forced to perform in public unless they have chosen to do so (it includes group classes and parties).
  • Confidence. Some dances will be easier to learn than others. At the end of the class your smile is prove that you have accomplished  one more step in the journey to become the kind of dancer you always wanted to be.
  • Customer service. We are totally devoted and try to always be available for all our students.

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