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Welcome to the dance session of your life! We are ready to help youwith your casual or traditional first dance as a husband and wife ... let's make your first dance a memorable moment!




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Social and physical benefits of ballroom dancing


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Listed below are a number of general benefits that can be gained through your dancing:


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Dancing contains all the elements that you will find in any advance fitness program based on the balance of mind, body and soul. As dancers we constantly train our flexibility, strength, balance, artistic expresssion and physical condition. Furthermore, we are proud to have group classes with a mixture of people from different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and ages. Teenagers, adults and senior citizens share the same group classes in dance aerobics, dance technique and parties.

Ballroom dancing as an sport activates three important hormones in the human body, like: serotonin, dopamine and endorphin. Together, they give body physical and mental balanced. These chemicals naturally exist in your body and they are resposible for giving you joy and love for life.

Serotonin is a great source for reducing nervousness, anxiety and irritability. Dopamine causes you to feel energetic, alert and it is perfect for dancing because it requires you to concentrate and perform. Endorphin is neurotransmitter that you need to feel the thrill and deep satisfaction of life. Endorphin is the most natural painkiller and has the magic power to revitalize you and make you ready to dance. Thanks to these three natural chemicals we have witness in all our students, more coordination, better posture, increment of balance, elegant movements, accurate synchronization and distinguished attitude towards dancing.

Ballroom dancing has proven itself an extraordinary form of movement if it is practiced by yourself or among others !!!


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