Ballroom dancing, salsa, swing & more for your social activities

Let us help you to brake the ice with a fun, dynamic, easy and unforgetable dance session for your:

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Welcome to the dance session of your life! We are ready to help youwith your casual or traditional first dance as a husband and wife ... let's make your first dance a memorable moment!





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Group Classes

Advantages in this type of classes:


Dance Technique

In this group lesson we introduce a number of dance technique elements that need our close attention. We expect our participants to be ready to work hard around the clock.

We focus on experienced participants regardless of their age. This is the most motivating group lessons of all, more technical and advance students are inspiring!

In this class we use different exercises to improve particular dance movements. It includes musicality, arms expression, head action, hip projection, weight distribution, coordination and more.

This is a extremely demanding course in a friendly, but competitive environment. One feels wonderful, strong, sexy, FUN! A lot of sweat and abundant SMILES!

This course is available BY INVITATION ONLY. You are free to request it previous to our registration date when available. The cost per person is kr. 500.00 per time - The estimated number of hours planned must be paid in advance and in full.

WARNING! All payments are final and non-refundable - There is not a trial lesson for this course!


Dance Aerobics


This is an exciting, healthy and comfortable group class to maintain your body agil and strong. This course includes:warm up, cardio dance, physical condition exercises, stretching and muscular relaxation. It is recommended to lose weight, increase reflexes and more.

Dance aerobics is suitable to all ages and diverse levels of physical condition. It allows each participant to work at their own pace.

No matter which dance styles are your favorite, you will burn 365 calories in each dance aerobic class, which represents to burn 6 calories per minute or what is equal to 9125 steps or what is equal to 6.30 kilomters.

Entrance fee kr. 150 per person/per hour class- Warning! There is not a trial time in this event!


Party and Social Activities


All activities of this kind start with a group class. A good excuse to review our dance steps and meet other participants. Slowly we get into the party mood.

We announce these events in person, through our webpage, newspaper or/and e-mail. These events are carefully planned to make sure that all our students, friends and public in general participate.

This is a enjoyable way to practice what was learned and practice one "floorcraft" skills in a ballroom full of people. An instructor will be always available to help when need it, in an informal and relaxing atmosphere.


Each party has its own theme:









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