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Tromsø by night, by Lars Tiede CC SA

Felliews dansestudio in Tromso Norway

Felliews Dance Studio teaches ballroom dancing with all the steps that you need to have a great time in any private event or nightclub. Our ballroom dance studio is a nice place where you can meet other people with the same interest for ballroom dancing. It is safe, moderate, friendly and fun environment to learn to dance!!!

We always try to teach dance figures in a way that is easy for you to understand; however, as your dance experience grows the challenge becomes more and more exciting!

We teach dancing focusing on people's personal dance experiences, personal dance goals and not on their age. What really matters at Felliews Dance Studio is to help you to expand your dance level and to reach a goal you did not even imagine.

You can learn progressively all or any of the different partner dances that we offer in our location, like: Waltz, wedding dance, tango, foxtrot, quickstep, peabody, viennese waltz, argentine tango, polka, milonga, salsa, argentine waltz, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive, swing, lindy hop, samba, mambo, merengue, charleston, night club two step, bosa nova, bolero, english waltz, etc.

Felliews philosophy is that you are never too old to learn to dance with the confidence, success and elegance you always dreamed. He does not look at your age, but to try to find the fisical-natural-hidden talent you have and how to use it in your benefit.

Follow your dreams and do not wait to start the wonderful journey towards the world of ballroom dancing!

Social and physical benefits of ballroom dancing

Listed below are a number of general benefits that can be gained through your dancing:

Dancing contains all the elements that you will find in any advance fitness program based on the balance of mind, body and soul. As dancers we constantly train our flexibility, strength, balance, artistic expresssion and physical condition. Furthermore, we are proud to have group classes with a mixture of people from different backgrounds, faiths, nationalities and ages. Teenagers, adults and senior citizens share the same group classes in dance aerobics, dance technique and parties.

Ballroom dancing as an sport activates three important hormones in the human body, like: serotonin, dopamine and endorphin. Together, they give body physical and mental balanced. These chemicals naturally exist in your body and they are resposible for giving you joy and love for life.

Serotonin is a great source for reducing nervousness, anxiety and irritability. Dopamine causes you to feel energetic, alert and it is perfect for dancing because it requires you to concentrate and perform. Endorphin is neurotransmitter that you need to feel the thrill and deep satisfaction of life. Endorphin is the most natural painkiller and has the magic power to revitalize you and make you ready to dance. Thanks to these three natural chemicals we have witness in all our students, more coordination, better posture, increment of balance, elegant movements, accurate synchronization and distinguished attitude towards dancing.

Ballroom dancing has proven itself an extraordinary form of movement if it is practiced by yourself or among others !!!

Learn in Tromso ballroom dancing, salsa, swing, tango and more

Tango Ballroom StandardIf you come to Troms County do not miss the opportunity to visit the city of Tromso and the chance to have Ballroom Dance lessons in our studio located in Kvaloysletta.

You will learn with us ballroom dancing and other popular dances like the hot salsa or the sensual argentine tango whether you are a teenager, adult or senior citizen. Our method gives you the possibility to become the confident and elegant dancer you always wanted to be.

At Felliews Dansestudio you will be prepared for a social dance event or for any dance competitions from around the world. We have a positive and ambitious attitude towards all students. We consider you to be passionate and highly motivated, physically energetic, serious in developing your artistry, and obsessive on perfecting your choreography-composition and improvisation. Furthermore, we believe that we can bring out the poise, presence and sensuality within your dance, because you born to be admired, to enjoy the glamour of beautiful dance gowns, sparkling shoes and elegant dance parties.

In tromso, salsa & tango latin dance-fans keep growing and there is always an opportunity to have a good time dancing. We will be happy to assist you in increasing your dance repertoire or simply improve your dance skills.

Take the challenge !


Let's dance … salsa, salsa and more salsa!

Cuban GrafitiSalsa Dancing is a popular, joyful, warm, exquisite and exotic Latin Dance practiced for pleasure or as a form of exercise for everybody!!! 

Worldwide salsa is known as the phenomenon that brings together people from diverse cultural and economic backgrounds, because it represents a mixture of diverse flavors, colors and scents’ as well as the people who enjoy the music and dance as part of their lives.

Salsa is a Caribean – Latin - Afro – American music style influenced by Puerto Rican and other Latin descendants living in New York in the mid 1960’s. That is why salsa has a strong influence of jazz, swing, cha cha and mambo; including also, the Latin folklore and traditions of the musicians who developed salsa as a music style.

The Lebron Brothers Band, from Puerto Rican origins, was the first group of musicians who played salsa in the Hotel Saint George in Brooklyn; but the corner of 52th Street and Broadway will be the dancing place for salsa enthusiasts of New York.

Salsa origins and musical concept came from Caribean – Latin - Afro – American that is the  common cultural denominator of countries as Cuba, Colombia, Peru, Panama, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico.  Salsa dancing is a colorful style thanks to other different dance styles like: son, cinquilla, guaguanco, rumba, boogaloo, cumbia, bolero, pachanga, guaracha, plena, guajira, bomba, montuno, mambo, yambu, contredance and the danzon. Salsa is also influenced by traditional African dances performed initially only by the slaves.

The musical evolution of the Salsa style happened with the introduction of diverse modern instruments in addition to:  ‘marimba’ , ‘clave’, ‘conga drum’, ‘pandereta’, ‘bongos’, ‘botijuela’, ‘guiro’, ‘marimbula’, ‘quijada’, ‘timbales’ and guitar.

Salsa and mambo use dance steps progressions over a rhythm of eight beats. Understanding the musical structure of salsa music allow us to dance to the rhythm, manipulate the rhythm or perform our own rhythm inside the rhythm.

Salsa as a dance style is rebellious, curious, wild, tender, explosive, vibrant, athletic, creative, traditional, modern, brave, improvised, outgoing, it is all and each one of us keeping our own personality. Salsa is the kind of dance where without any fear, thought or consideration you can mix different dance styles like samba, argentine tango, swing and gymnastics. Salsa must do it all, experience all to the full ... in one word: it is .... FREEDOM!

Call us to make an appointment and start your Salsa Dance Lessons!!!!


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